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Aluminum 37mm 5" Launcher Casing Hull

Aluminum 37mm 5" Launcher Casing Hull

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Aluminum 37mm 5" Launcher Casing Hull

Empty re-loadable 37mm launcher hulls. Accepts standard 209 shotgun primer. You can use these to reload flares, smokes, and firework rounds over and over again. These will fire out of any 37mm launcher.

The precision machining of these hulls makes sure that the primers are held securely in the pocket.  They will not fall out until you decap the hull.  We have had reports that Remington primers are a bit too small in diameter to be seated snugly.  If you wish to use the Remington brand you might have to use either a piece of tissue paper around the primer or, alternatively, seal the primer with clear nail polish.

Importantly, there is an integral bushing machined into each hull.  These bushings have two purposes.  First they allow for the same positioning of the payload each time. They also keep the cannon fuse part of the payload safely above the base of the shell so that it does not get crushed.

Check Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations before constructing any 37mm cartridges.  Buyer assumes all risk involved in loading, reloading, constructing and using 37mm cartridges.

1 Quantity= 1 Hull

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karl Emmelman
Awesome case

Very good chamber fit and finish.
Primer pocket is a little loose , but I always lacquer set.
Good product.

Excellent hulls!

These work exactly as designed and have excellent tolerances.
Only improvement would be a slightly larger powder bushing but other wise perfect!


These are high quality and the built in powder bushing is great.