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Red Falling Leaves Fuse

Red Falling Leaves Fuse

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Red Falling Leaves Fuse

This fuse burns slow with a nice red color effect.

This fuse comes in six 1-meter pieces.

Diameter: 2mm

Burn Rate: 60 Sec Per Foot

Color: Red

1 Quantity= 6 meters  ( 19.5 feet )

  • All Fuse, Chemicals, and Novelty Fireworks must / will ship by ground only.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Inconsistent burn

    This fuse tends to turn off, not consistent enough to to trust in builds. I don’t recommend.

    It will not stay lit.

    If I light a piece of this fuse and drop it from 3-4 feet(basically just toss it on the ground right in front of me) it will go out 30%-40% of the drops.

    The good qualities are:
    It's bright, even during the day.
    It doesn't propel itself, so a piece burning by itself won't take off like a bottle rocket without a stick and jump in your pocket... or eye... or a pile of dry grass you were too lazy to pick up.

    All of the good qualities don't even come close to making up for it not staying lit.

    For my 2" & 3" smoke bombs I braided 3 strands together as tight as I could. Although braiding it did work, I think it made it the same price as American Visco.

    Nice Slow burn

    I only use this fuse to test powders now, it tends to turn off, it goes out when bent (sometimes) and its not waterproof, it has a nice bright burn to it though. The fuses don’t all burn at the same rate, some are faster than others and it seems like the faster ones are the better, they all average a certain speed which is 10 seconds per inch, the lowest I recorded was 6-7 seconds per inch.