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XM42-M Flamethrower With Back Pack

XM42-M Flamethrower With Back Pack

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XM42-M Flamethrower With Back Pack

The XM42 Modular is a complete overhaul of the original handheld flamethrower that grabbed worldwide attention.

 With all-new billet aluminum construction and a fully customizable layout, this rugged and sleek design is configurable to balance personal preference and capabilities. Handguard of flamethrower with M-LOK® slots! This package is sold with the backpack for consistent flame for 3.5 minute.


Weight- 8.0lb

Typical Distance- 30ft

Compatible Fuels- Gasoline, Gas/Diesel Mixture, Ethanol

Battery- 2200mAH 3S lithium polymer with XT60 connector


 -controlled burns/forestry/agricultural


 -clearing snow and ice

 -eliminating weeds

 -ground insect hive control

 -concerts and pyrotechnic events

 -bonfire starting

 -simply a fun display of fire!


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Unavailable in MD. Pyrotechnics License required for CA

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