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XM42-X Spark Ignition Flamethrower - Stealth Grey

XM42-X Spark Ignition Flamethrower - Stealth Grey

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XM42-X Flamethrower - STEALTH GRAY

With an innovative polymer housing and robust spark ignition system, the XM42-X, is the most technologically advanced consumer flamethrower currently on the market. Taking cues and direction from the consumer, XM42-X was designed to be a fully modular system. By utilizing the different grip options currently available, along with the complete rail system built in, it can be fired in whatever configuration the operator requires!

  • Controlled Burns in the Field or Garden (& other agricultural and forestry applications)
  • Eliminating Weeds or Insects
  • Pyrotechnic Displays
  • Bonfire Lighting
  • Melting Snow & Ice

1 Quantity= 1 Flamethrower

Unavailable in MD. Pyrotechnics License required for CA

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